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Value is an extremely powerful tool in the fundamental pool, perhaps the most important fundamental, dare I say. You want to make sure you study value, after you see what it can do to your art, you’ll be obsessed with learning it. Values are extremely important to understand, you can use it in the first stages of an idea to quickly sketch out an idea, using shades of white and black to show depth and focal areas of an image, with the least bit of effort you can get some very great ideas and a direction to go with your project.

Value is used to create a focal point within a painting or drawing.
The human eye is immediately drawn to a light element against a dark element.
This creates, the focal point of interest. To create the illusion of depth, gradations of value are also used. Areas of light and dark give a three-dimensional illusion of form to subject matter.

The word “value” is used a lot around this site and with good reason. Value is one
of the seven elements of art. Value deals with the lightness or darkness of a color.
Since we see objects and understand objects because of how dark or light they are,
value is incredible important to art.

Value deals directly to light. We see things because light reflects off of objects
and goes into our eyes. Our mind processes the light and rationalizes what we are
seeing. Without light, we cannot see anything. In order to draw or paint in a way
that creates an illusion of what we normally see, we must fully understand light
and how it reacts on surfaces. Value is the key to the illusion of light. This
is why value is so incredibly important to drawing and painting.

Using Value in Drawings
The whole point to value is to create the illusion of light. So value is used to
basically create the illusion of highlights and shadows. Highlights and shadows combine to create the illusion of a light source. Remember, without light we cannot see. So technically, without a light source, you have no illusion.


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