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When I was first starting out exploring the wonders of 3D art, I didn’t really have any understanding of basic art fundamentals (or even knew they existed in the first place).

Often because of this, I would find the easiest way to create an awesome image.  I knew it wasn’t the best way to learn, in the beginning.  But I had been struck with the artistic inspiration bug.  Mainly having found this magazine on 3D art, showcasing all of the coolest images by some of the leading professionals in the field.  Of course I was enthusiastic thinking it wouldn’t be long before I was designing stuff like that.  I could see what was possible in 3D and therfore knew if I learned the software, I would be seeing my art on magazines just like them in no time.  Boy was I wrong.  I had no idea, the amount of knowledge and experience those artists had before creating all of the cool stuff you see in the magazines.  

Trying out the software to make a great 3D scene was an act in frustration to the highest degree.  I knew how to use the software in it’s basic form so why wasn’t I able to make anything, let alone anything worth showing anyone without fear of embarassment.

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